Why can’t any of this stuff ever be easy?

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Why oh why is it so hard and complicated for me to park my domain? I can’t understand it. Which, on the other hand is not altogether too strange, I guess. There are actually quite a lot of things that I can’t seem to wrap my mind around so to speak. Why do people choose to be poor when they can earn lots of money and have good jobs? I can’t understand why anyone would do that. It’s really stupid, the way I see it. People who are really poor should not be allowed to have opinion or any influence over important stuff whatsoever, because they have already disqualified themselves by choosing to be poor. I think that world would be a better place, a beautiful place if people with little or no money or any other assets to their name were not allowed to vote. Then the rich and smart people could rule without interference and make all problems go away instantly and then I could buy more handbags and stuff.

Seo domains

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In trying to make sense of search engine optimization, or seo, in finding a name for my domains to make smashing seo domains, I have spent a great deal just surfing on the Internet. As I have said before, there seems to be a vast ocean of knowledge on the subject out there. Just now I stumbled upon a blog that had some useful information about seo domains. However strange it may seem, a lot of people out there still don’t seem to have a clue as to the importance of seo, let alone for the domain of their website. And then to think that up until very recently I was as clueless as they are.

I think it is a great idea to get Cloud VPS Hosting

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I think it is a great idea to get Cloud VPS Hostingfor my websites. I have a lot of websites and I think it is great to be able to earn some extra money from my websites. I want to buy a new computer too because the computer I have now is very slow. Computers can be very expensive bur I have some money to spare and that is great. I don’t know exactly what kind of computer I want to buy but I want a fast computer that is for sure. I am not a computer expert but I know my stuff. But now I have to go outside and get some fresh air. You have to take breaks sometimes when you sit in front of the computer all the time like I do. Sometimes I even forget to eat when I sit the whole day in front of my computer screen and that is not so good.


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On major issue you might have to deal with and take care of when building up an entire network of blogs or websites is finding a place for all of them. If you just dump all of your sites at a regular web hotel of the most common kind they will most likely end up with very similar (and obviously related) IP-numbers. That is not always very desirable, quite the opposite actually. You just might want to use some of the domains or sites in the network for some creative linking or other stuff like that. What about the alternative then to spread the sites out over many different IP? Yes, that could be done of course but would also be really messy with dozen of logins, passwords and confusing user-interfaces. Dead end, as it seems. Not necessarily so, I have just received a little lesson in search engine optimization from a very knowledgeable friend who claims that something called seo hosting is the solution to all of these problems. Apparently users/customers of this technique gets access to several hundreds of IP’s or more.


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I used a survey tool on one of my blogs and I have to say that it was really easy to use and a great tool for anyone that wants to do a survey or voting system on their blog. If you never used one before you should try it out. It is very useful to get feedback from your visitors and it is interesting to know what they think. I do surveys all the time on my blog now because I and my visitors really enjoy it and it is fun. One of my blogs let people vote on the funniest picture on the blog and that’s great. I have a lot more visitors to my blog now that I had before and I think it has o lot to do with the new survey tools that a use on all my different blogs.